Клиника Семейного Врача "Медея"


Advantages of the clinic

An important advantage and specificity of the work of both family medicine in general, and our clinic in particular, is that the patient is assigned a personal family doctor who, in addition to providing highly qualified medical care, attracts to the treatment of any specialists a narrow focus.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest equipment for carrying out a wide variety of research, diagnostics and physiotherapy.
And high-level specialists are always here to help to direct to the necessary examination and prescribe the treatment.

After many years, we can conclude that we are doing the right thing.
And the best reward for us is to see our patients healthy and feel that we are directly related to this.
Thank you for believing in us and trusting your health!

About clinic

Family physician clinic “Medeja” is a network of outpatient clinics that conduct medical practice on the basis of a license issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, series AG, No. 602807 of 04.08.2011.


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